'..few are learning to think and write..' - Doug French

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<blockquote>'..the millions left on campus — and in grade and high schools — few are learning to think and write, while all are gaining the highest self-esteem in the world.

This is the information age, yet the ability to communicate is not being taught, or not sinking in. College English instructor Kara Miller wrote on Boston.com that few of her students had received writing instruction in high school, and that correcting student papers was so time consuming that the task was virtually overwhelming. She quotes Vartan Gregorian, the former president of Brown University, who rightly understands that "the ability to read, comprehend, and write — in other words, to organize information into knowledge — must be viewed as tantamount to a survival skill."


..The ability to use, understand, and communicate those facts is what must be taught and currently is not. And it doesn't take an army of 8 million and a budget of 1 trillion dollars and counting to do it. '

- Doug French, Conventional Education Will Go the Way of Farming, April 15, 2011</blockquote>

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<blockquote>'..try to observe real economic growth .. instead of just GDP.' - Kel Kelly</blockquote>