The Beginning of The Creator Unit - The Replicator (3D printing)

Posted by ProjectC 
'..83-year old woman gets replacement 3D printed titanium jaw, makes her the coolest member of the bridge club..' 2012

<blockquote>'MakerBot just took the wraps off the Replicator, a new 3D printer that solves one of the technology's biggest problems at the moment -- printing large. Of course, you still can't, say, print yourself up a car just yet, but the Replicator does, at the very least, take a baby step in that direction. It also offers up the company's Dualstrusion technology, making it possible to print in two colors. The Replicator can take either ABS (the plastic found in Lego) or biodegradable PLA plastic. The Replicator will run $1,999 for the dual extruder or $1,749 for a single.'

- Brian Heater, MakerBot goes big with Replicator 3D printer, 2012</blockquote>

The Heart..


- Hands-on with the Makerbot Replicator 3D printer, 2012</center></blockquote>


<blockquote>Project C - Overview page 17 (pdf)

In the Electric Universe - Evolve [into] 'full-fledged open source contributors.'</blockquote>