'..tell your boss you think the company has a love deficit.' - Hamel

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'..what your company really needs is a lot more luuuuuv.’

'..The next time you're stuck in a staff meeting, wait until everyone's eyes have glazed over from PowerPoint fatigue and then announce that what your company really needs is a lot more luuuuuv.

- Gary Hamel, What Matters Now (2012), page 37

'..based on love instead of fear..'

'John Mackey, the cofounder of Whole Foods Markets, once remarked that his goal was to build a company based on love instead of fear..


When adressing a large group of managers, I often challenge them to stand up fore love (or beauty or justice or truth) in just that way. “When you get back to work, tell your boss you think the company has a love deficit.” This suggestion invariable provokes a spasm of nervous laughter, which has always struck me as strange.'

- Gary Hamel, What Matters Now, page 37

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