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The Bazaarmodel could probably be the management and organization style in the third millennium and beyond.

The Bazaarmodel, Dynamic (Organic-network) thinking, is based on the Complexity Theory (simple rules are responsible for the complexity of reality). Base rules are Freedom, Honesty and Openness while trust bounds the rules and Knowledge is the prime resource. Examples are the Linux Project, Distribution developments (Debian, Mageia, Fedora, Ubuntu, openSUSE) and Open Source.

The opposite is the Cathedralmodel, which operates mechanically. Materials are the main resource for this model. The Cathedralmodel is based on traditional thinking; reality is a linear clockwork device. Base rules are Closed, Utopian and Control where fear binds the rules together, where materials are the prime resource. Examples are Intelligence Agencies and today's World Civilization.

Eliminating the resource scarcity (upgrading our world production platform) is the start of dismantling the Cathedralmodel; when you are able to stop worrying about your physical needs, you will have time to reflect upon yourself.

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“The industrial age, hierarchical command-and-control institutions that dominate our commercial, political and social lives are increasingly irrelevant in today’s exploding diversity and complexity. Behind their endless promise of a peaceful, constructive societal order, which they never deliver, they are increasingly unable to manage even their own affairs, while society commerce and the biosphere slide increasingly into disarray. We are experiencing a global epidemic of institutional failure. We must question the concepts underlying the current structures of organization.”

-- Dee Hock

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