'..starting with a belief in possibility..'

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*** '..getting to truth..'

'Starting by believing in it. Believe is very powerful. I used to think, well, no, you don't believe it until it hits you in the head like a two by four, than you believe it because that's objective proof. I now know that the key to knowing so much of these truths, and this is about getting to truth, is starting with a belief in possibility. And by believing it and going into our consciousness, we start to come in touch with knowing and with guides and lessons that will show us the way.'

- Dr. Eben Alexander III, minute(s) 54:55 - 55:40 (Source, december 2, 2012)


'..the phenomenon of consciousness..' - '..thought, feeling, valuation, and purposeful action..'

(Haptonomy - Affectivity) - Praxeology as the Method of the Social Sciences - (Affective) Phenomenology of the Social World