(Earth Defence - Earth Shield) - The Electric Universe: Stellar Atmospheric Function In Regulation Experiment (SAFIRE)

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'Outside of the earth, the Sun is the most heavily studied body in the solar system. Yet almost all of the Sun’s features present major quandaries for solar physicists. But now, an expert on “Design of Experiment” methodologies, Monty Childs, is heading up a project to demonstrate how an electrified plasma environment can produce the enigmatic features of the Sun in the laboratory. Monty and his research group are confident that the technology is now available to rigorously test the electric Sun hypothesis.'

The Safire Project – Testing the Electric Sun

'..this collapse of civilization.'

'A storm of earthquakes totally buried and destroyed cities throughout the Middle East less than 5000 years ago. Men, women and children were decimated, with famine and plague curiously attending this collapse of civilization.

..English archaeologist Katherine Kenyon, excavator of both Jericho and Jerusalem: “The final end of the early Bronze Age civilization came with catastrophic completeness. Jericho was probably completely destroyed. Every town in Palestine that has so far been investigated shows the same break. All traces of the early Bronze Age civilization disappeared.”

French archaeologist, Claude Schaeffer, looked at numerous excavation sites and realized this was a worldwide event .. The Geology of Melbourne’s Port Phillip bay indicates numerous tectonic upheavals unmatched in recent history.'

- Peter Mungo Jupp, Earthquake Storms and the Electric Sun, February 6, 2013


The SAFIRE project Part I & Part II

"Our Universe—It's Electric!" An EU 2013 Talk by Michael Clarage

(Earth Defence - Earth Shield) - PACOM supports China invite to RIMPAC 2014 “They are going to have to come out behind their walls.”

Telluric current

(Long term: Phase 3 - Earth Shield, page 22)

Plasma mythology