'..Russia[n] .. Anti-Aircraft Weapons..' - 'Ukraine Separatist Leader Boasts Of Downing Plane' - '..Putin .. ICC..'

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Russia is completely responsible for the tragedy in Ukraine.

<blockquote>'The top U.S. commander in Europe said Monday that Moscow was supplying heavy, anti-aircraft weapons to Russian-backed separatists groups battling for control of the country’s eastern border.

Gen. Philip Breedlove, head of U.S. European Command, confirmed that anti-aircraft weapons were part of the armed support being provided by Moscow to separatist groups fighting in eastern Ukraine.

Along with the weapon deliveries, Breedlove also said that training missions being carried out by Russian forces along the eastern Ukrainian border included the use of vehicle-borne anti-air missiles.'

- U.S. European Commander: Russia Supplying Anti-Aircraft Weapons to Ukrainian Separatists, June 30, 2014</blockquote>


<blockquote>'..The actual perpetrators as well as those exercising effective command and control are subject to ICC jurisdiction.'

- '..Putin .. International Criminal Court..', March 10, 2014

Ukraine Separatist Leader [Igor Girkin] Boasts Of Downing Plane, July 17, 2014

Malaysia plane crashes in Ukraine, July 17, 2014

'..[Mr. Putin] has made clear that he embraces confrontation with the West..'

'Russia's invasion of Ukraine has .. already begun.' - Ben Judah

'..Russia shows little interest in finding a solution, presenting an image that the conflicts remain unresolved to serve Russian interests.' - Breedlove

'..Russia .. continued to escalate tensions..'

'..Russia .. teeming with corrupt parasites .. consuming the bear from within.'

'..never accept Russia's occupation of Crimea..'</blockquote>