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<blockquote>'Our successful Indiegogo crowdfunding and increased investment together brought in almost $1 million, greatly improving our financial resources for our research. Two thousand people around the world supported our efforts .. LPPFusion is now widely recognized as one of the leading companies in alternative fusion.


Looking back on 2014:

LPPFusion succeeded in achieving many of the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of 2014. We needed to greatly increase our financial resources, and aimed to raise $1million through a crowdfunding effort. Between the $180,000 raised by the crowdfunding itself and the close to $780,000 raised from new investments, much of that due to the crowdfunding publicity, we came very close with total funds of $958,000. We were greatly aided in this work by the Focus Fusion society board of directors and volunteers, our temporary crowdfunding staffers and Chief Financial Officer Robert Fitzgerald.


Plans for 2015:



1. Move to beryllium electrodes, or at least beryllium anode, which will be needed as x-ray emission increases so much that tungsten electrodes would be cracked by the heat absorbed. Beryllium is far more transparent to x-rays.
2. Demonstrate density over 1 gram/ cm³
3. Demonstrate billion-Gauss magnetic fields
4. Demonstrate the quantum magnetic field effect with these billion-Gauss magnetic fields; show its ability to prevent plasmoid cooling caused by x-rays, making possible the net energy burning of pB11 fuel.
5. Install new equipment and begin running with pB11 mixes

- LPP, 2015 Beginning of Year Report, January 27, 2015</blockquote>

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