Project C - MDE - Laying the foundation

Project C - MDE

Project C - Matter Data Energy compromises three groups. The nucleus of all the three groups is knowledge on a plate of Complexity Science. The three groups are:

The Matter Group (pdf) with its goal of building a Creator Unit to create matter (material objects) in abundance. But an infrastructure, the railway for distributing the resource of knowledge and energy is needed. That is why we need an intelligent planetary network; The Enterprise Nervous System (ENS);

The Data Group (pdf) with its goal to build an intelligent network (ENS) so that the main Bazaarmodel resource Knowledge flows freely (Open Source), fast and in many forms (letters, 2D view, 3D holographic view, Artificial Intelligence Common Sense Tutors etc.) around the Globe and the Solar System. The ENS is also the backbone for the production facility/machine called the Creator Unit;

The Energy Group (pdf) focuses first on promoting Fusion Energy and chemically assisted nuclear reactions research and later on contributing via the ENS network in researching and building Fusion energy centrals. So that the fossil fuel era will be replaced with the Plasma Era of Energy: Energy Abundance for All.

All groups will operate within or in partnership with 2Grid (The 2Grid Group).

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" fact extremely simple underlying rules - that might for example potentially be implemented directly at the level of atoms - are often all that is needed."

"And indeed one of the things that emerges from this book is that traditional engineering has actually considered only a tiny and quite unrepresentative fraction of all the kinds of systems and processes that are in principle possible."

" seems likely that a system could be set up in which just one or a few atoms would correspond to a cell in a system like a cellular automaton. And one thing this would mean is that doing computations would then translate almost directly into building actual physical structures out of atoms."

-- Stephen Wolfram

From pages 11, 840 and 841 --- A New Kind of Science


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