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'I keep being amazed at what emerges from the book “Reinventing Organizations”. This time around it’s a “Teal” newsletter!

George Por and Matthew Mezey (and others I’m sure) have taken the initiative to create this newsletter (called “Enlivening Edge) that wants to become a hub that centralizes and disseminates news about what happening in the space of organizations going Teal. If this is something you are interested in, do subscribe to the email newsletter!

It looks beautiful. See here for how it looks in your inbox: subscribe.

And this is the link to the website that maintains all the articles: https://enliveningedge.org.

I’m still pinching myself. I’ve put exactly 0 minutes of work into this (well I did contribute to a long and personal interview that’s part of the first newsletter) and here is a whole newsletter that supports the ideas I believe in. I would never have had the bandwidth to produce this. It wouldn’t exist if it depended on me to do it.

I noticed when George and Matthew sent me a first draft that after the initial excitement also came another thought: this is totally happening without me, from two guys I barely know.

In some ways, they will become aggregators, spokespersons and shapers for this community. What if they take this in a direction that doesn’t feel right for me?

And then, as often when a fear arises about some hypothetical future, I realize that the answer might simply be: instead of worrying now, let me just relax in the thought that I’ll find a way to address that if it happens. Which most probably would simply require for me to open up a conversation to address whatever tension I’m sensing.

So this project is also helping me become stronger in trusting what unfolds. Thank you George and Matthew! So far, I’m feeling totally aligned with this.

BTW, George and Matthew write “we don’t feel (this newsletter and meeting place) belongs to us, but instead to this emerging global movement” and asks you to get involved. They won’t be able to carry this alone and very much need help. Here is 10 ways you can get involved: http://bit.ly/1KsXI31.

Oh, and the newsletter and website work on the principles of the gift economy. (“What else” as George Clooney would say?) Everyone involved is doing this all next to their day job. If you feel like donating something to support them or in return for value you feel you get from this, please gift something back, using the button the website. I’ve just made a gift a few minutes ago and feel great about it

After the wiki (reinventingorganizationswiki.com) and the online conversation platform (discourse.reinventingorganizations.com), here is another central piece of what starts to look like a Teal ecosystem that is coming alive…'

- Frederic Laloux, Source, July 27, 2015

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