"Human action is a manifestation of the mind." - Mises
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Four acting individuals; economist Vitoria, electrical engineer Gilbert, accountant Pacioli and humanist Erasmus would create a foundation of benevolence:

'..benevolent affection .. the foundation of creativity .. creative human action or entrepreneurial activity..'

Two individuals, Menger and Birkeland would enhance the foundation of human insight of the social sciences and the natural sciences.

Their work would be greatly enhanced by Mises (father of praxeology, the science of human action), Alfvén (father of plasma cosmology, the electric universe*) and Veldman (father of haptonomy, the science of affectivity).

Mises, Alfvén and Veldman are the fathers of Affective Human Action in the Electric Universe, where we make Contact via Action.
* Awareness

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"...effective global problem-solving. And the solution requires thinking in terms of the three new realities that accompany the crisis of complexity-the moves away from hierarchies, away from the obsolete territorial instincts of nation-states, and away from the artificial separation between government, business, and civil society."

- J.F. Rischard

High Noon, Page 201

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