(The Republic of China) - Taiwan to raise defence spending as China details combat drills

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'TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan unveiled a T$42.1 billion ($1.4 billion) increase for next year’s planned defence spending on Thursday, as China announced details of its latest combat drills near the democratic island.


Tsai’s Cabinet is proposing T$453.4 billion in military spending for the year starting in January, versus T$411.3 billion budgeted for this year, up 10.2% according to Reuters calculations.

“The steady increase in the defence budget will facilitate the implementation of various military-building and war-preparation tasks ... and ensure national security and regional peace and stability,” Taiwan’s Defence Ministry said.


Tsai has made modernising Taiwan’s armed forces and increasing defence spending a priority.

The budget must be approved by lawmakers, though Tsai’s Democratic Progressive Party has a large majority in the legislature, making it unlikely to be blocked.


Taiwan is in discussions with the United States to acquire sea mines to deter amphibious landings, as well as cruise missiles for coastal defence, Taiwan’s de facto ambassador to United States said on Wednesday.'

- Taiwan to raise defence spending as China details combat drills, August 13, 2020


'..authorizing the president to respond with military force if China attacks Taiwan.'