'..several areas where the EU and Russia have agreed to cooperate .. health, science, climate change..'

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'They cited several areas where the EU and Russia have agreed to cooperate: among them health, science, climate change, research, the pandemic, education, the Iran nuclear deal, Syria, Libya, instability in North Africa..'

- ' "Rule of law and human rights 'central' ", Borrell says', February 5, 2021


Estimate: October, 2025 – Safire Plasma (fusion) Reactors commercially available – Abundance

Prometheus .. the rebel against the tyrant .. the champion of man

'..First, freeze the Western assets and property of Russia’s leading oligarchs that Navalny alleges were obtained through corruption..'

'..And the polluter will pay!' - Svetlana Radionova (Nornickel Fined Record $2Bln for Arctic Oil Disaster, February 5, 2021)