Prometheus .. the rebel against the tyrant .. the champion of man

‘Prometheus is, politically, the symbol of the rebel against the tyrant who has overthrown the traditional role of Justice and Law. He is the symbol of Knowledge against Force. He is symbolically the champion of man, raising him through the gift of intelligence, against the would-be destroyer of man.’

– David Grene (‘.. the symbol of Knowledge against Force .. the champion of man..’)

‘A good constitution is infinitely better than the best despot.’

– Thomas Babington Macaulay, Milton (Context)

‘..Xu Zhiyong warns that what is happening in Xinjiang today — an extensive surveillance network; large numbers of Uighurs “incarcerated in ‘educational training centers’ on the most spurious grounds” — could soon become the norm for the rest of China. “What kind of country has ever, anywhere, been run like this?” ‘

‘..the perils that China is inviting by turning away from substantive economic and political reform..’

‘At 31, Price was a millionaire. His company, Gravity Payments, which he set up in his teens, had about 2,000 customers and an estimated worth of millions of dollars. Though he was earning $1.1m a year, Valerie brought home to him that a lot of his staff must be struggling – and he decided to change that.’

‘In 1965, CEOs in the US earned 20 times more than the average worker but by 2015 it had risen to 300 times..’

‘Fusion energy can make possible a fundamental global transformation to the next stage of human history. The first part of that transformation would be the elimination of want. Today, the majority of humanity lacks decent housing, good quality healthcare, clean air, clean water, and healthy food..’

Total Transformation – ‘..the elimination of want.’

”I have serious doubts contemporary finance will pass this test .. for centuries, post-Bubble post-mortem would invariably fault the instability of “fractional reserve banking.” The booms were magical, while the subsequent busts spawned panics and calamitous Bank Runs.’

– Doug Noland, The Modern-Day Bank Run, March 7, 2020

Affective Introspection

Ethical Affective Ambiance in the Electric Universe – Production of Money, Prices and Market

(Story) – ‘Inter-temporal smoothing’, social disharmony

‘..ethics in particular .. absolute principle of ethics..’ – ‘..deze fundamentele ethiek..’