France's Macron to travel to Ukraine in Feb to finalise bilateral security deal

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'..deliver a lot more equipment [to] .. Ukraine..'

'Macron said some 40 SCALP long-range missiles and several hundred bombs would be delivered in the coming weeks.

"We are going to deliver a lot more equipment and help Ukraine with what it needs to defend its skies," Macron told a news conference. "I will go myself to Ukraine in February and finalise these texts."

France has already delivered about 50 SCALP missiles, which have a range of about 250 km, three times as far as Ukraine's existing missile capacities.

Macron added that Europeans would in the coming weeks ramp up their support for Ukraine so it could continue to defend itself against Russia because Moscow could not be allowed to defeat Ukraine otherwise the security of Europe would be put at risk.'

- France's Macron to travel to Ukraine in Feb to finalise bilateral security deal, January 16, 2024

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