Defeat Putin in a long war

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'Vladimir Putin is openly preparing his country for a long war and is encouraged by mounting signs of weakness among Ukraine’s Western allies. In order to defeat the Kremlin dictator and end the threat posed by resurgent Russian imperialism, Ukraine and its international partners must stop thinking in terms of individual offensives and adopt a more long-term approach to this historic task.'

- Mykola Bielieskov, To defeat Putin in a long war, Ukraine must switch to active defense in 2024, January 4, 2024


'..arm Ukraine properly.'

France's Macron to travel to Ukraine in Feb to finalise bilateral security deal

G7 Said To Be 'Moving Closer' To Seizing $300 Billion In Russian Assets For Ukraine

'Putin will therefore fight on until his military is physically defeated, treating any cease-fire simply as a chance to rearm for a more decisive attack..'

(The End of Democracy) - '..what happens if the West is humiliated?'

'What are Ukraine's borders? .. they’re internationally recognized and defined in 1991.' - Navalny

'..destroy [Russian] equipment before it reache(s) the battlefield..'