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<h1 class="entry-title single-title" itemprop="headline">Introduction to the November 2015 Issue</h1>
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Posted <time class="updated" datetime="2015-11-10" pubdate>November 10, 2015</time>
Source</p> <p>The movement for reinventing organizations and its companion-movements are in their toddler years and demonstrate an amazing vitality. The number (published or in-the-works) of translations of Laloux’s book is approaching 20 languages. The meetups of ResponsiveOrg, Teal, U.Lab, and similar initiatives are popping up all over the world and touch the lives of tens of thousands of people.</p><p>It’s not too difficult to anticipate a tipping point, when a number of CEO’s of large organizations will recognize that their best bet to stay relevant in the 21<sup>st</sup> century is “going Teal.” When that happens mainstream media will pick up and amplify the news. But we’re not waiting for mainstream media to reflect what is happening. The movements need their own <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] sensing and meaning-making organs</a>.</p><p>Enlivening Edge is also swept by a wind of changes. First of all, we don’t have to solicit as many articles as for the first two issues; authors started sending their materials and asking to be published in EE. As a result, in the current issue you will find more content written originally for EE, compared with the curated blogs that we are republishing from other places.</p><p>As inspirations for more authentic and soulful organizations are manifesting in more and more places and contexts, we gear up to serve them better. That’s why we evolved the <em>news site</em> of our modest beginning into an online <em>magazine</em> complete with such departments as <u><a href="[www.enliveningedge.org];, <u><a href="[www.enliveningedge.org];, and <u><a href="[www.enliveningedge.org];. See the menus waiting for your browsing:</p>
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<p><span id="more-2072"></span></p><p>In this issue we expand the scope of our coverage from reinventing organizations to reinventing society. You will also find articles that address the complexity of scaling self-organization, and introduce some tools/practices for taming that complexity.</p><p>In NEWS, you can learn about the <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] of U.Lab</a>, <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] OpenTeal Project</a>, and <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] Is Asking Your Advice.</a></p><p>From our ORGANIZATIONS department you can find out about what’s happening in <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org];, the Dutch recruiting and job-matching company; <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] Black Systems</a>, a UK-based manufacturer that introduced a very unique self-managing system 12 years ago; what communities of practice can do for the <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] Health System</a>; and how <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] Organisations</a> supports the shift to ‘next stage.’</p><p>The SECTORS department includes articles related to <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org];, <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org];, <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org];, <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org];, <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org];, <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] transportation</a>, <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org];, <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org];, and <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] REFLECTING department has stories about <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] the Prison of Orange</a>, whether Teal organizations are “<a href="[www.enliveningedge.org];,” Holacracy <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] management hierarchies</a>, the relationship between <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] and self-organization</a>, what <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org]; means in Teal organizing, and <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org]; target="_blank">Reinventing Social Systems</a>.</p><p>The FEATURES section highlights an <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org]; with Sudhakar Ram, the CEO of a Mumbai-based self-managing company, and also a leading Holacracy practitioner shares her thoughts on <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org]; Implementation</a> issues. The article on <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] Is All This Teal Stuff Going</a> is based on conversations with Frederic Laloux about the future of Reinventing Organizations. Bridging <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] and Teal</a> is the beginning of a personal, collective and societal journey.</p><p>TOOLS &amp; PRACTICES has stories about <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org];, the <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org];: a new infrastructure for online commons, <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] organizing</a>, and the magic of <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org]; in Teal.</p><p>Our FIELD REPORTS cover the <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] Employers Summit 2015</a>, <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] a community of practice in Australia</a>, the first meeting of the <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] Work Network</a>, and lessons from a conversation about <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] Oshry with Frederic Laloux</a>.</p><p>In RESEARCH you will find studies on <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] Across Boundaries</a> and the <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] behind wholeness</a>.</p><p>Chronicling the developments around EE in the two months since the publication of the previous issue wouldn’t be complete without telling you about some exciting news and plans:</p><ul>
<li>Enlivening Edge is a sponsor of the Integral European Conference 2016, where we convene a <a href="[www.facebook.com] Organizations track</a></li>
<li>We started conversations with some Teal-inspired organizations about co-developing a re-branded version of EE, tailored to their audience</li>
<li>We heard of companies curating certain EE articles and posting them on their intranet</li>
<li>A group approached us to develop a Spanish edition of Enlivening Edge</li>
</ul><p><strong>One more thing</strong><em>: Does our work resonate with what you care for? If yes, pay it forward: think of who in your network could benefit from our news and articles, and send them a note along with the URL where they can subscribe to our bi-monthly issues: </em><a href="[www.enliveningedge.org];. Using any of the “share” buttons below will help us reaching even more people and organizations. That’s a win-win-win for everyone! And if you really love us and share our passion and purpose, consider <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org] involved</a> and energizing any of the roles listed <a href="[www.enliveningedge.org];


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