(Electric Universe - SAFIRE) - Case Western University - 'I remember being completely laughed at by certain astronomers..'

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'It is becoming increasingly clear that many if not all the phenomena observed in the cosmos are most readily explained from the viewpoint of electrical physics and engineering. Those investigators who cling to the classical belief that gravity is the only significant force are at a rapidly growing disadvantage. This is because gravity only attracts whereas electric and magnetic forces both attract ad repel and are many orders of magnitude stronger. More accurate and more powerful space probes such as IBEX are recovering data that is becoming harder to explain via a gravity-only analysis.'

- Electrical engineering students and faculty at Case Western University, October 17, 2017

'I remember being completely laughed at by certain astronomers who have attended our conferences in the past and: 'Oh there's nothing, no voltage like that out there .. I mean where would you get a battery of 400,000 volts?' Well, now all of a sudden they see it; now they're mystified and yeah, had they listened to us and been more cooperative with us, maybe years ago .. they would have maybe not been quite surprised as they are.'

- Dr. Donald E. Scott, m. <a href="[www.youtube.com]; - 4:58

'The SAFIRE project was created to test a practically unknown scientific hypothesis.

From the very first stages of the project it already appears that the predictions of the Electric Sun model are playing out as predicted.

What was not predicted or expected, was the possibility that the SAFIRE experiments might become the catalyst for a paradigm shift in perception: the idea, championed by Hannes Alfvén, that the predominant energy in the formation of stars and suns is not gravitational but electrical. SAFIRE may go on to prove that stars continue to be lit by galactic electricity after their birth. A whole new way of looking at the universe.'

- SAFIRE, the story

Context '..ignoring the fruits of 150 or so years of electrical science.' - Donald E. Scott

(Electric Universe) - SAFIRE - '..to do what has never been done before – build a [miniature] sun on Earth..'

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