(Bazaarmodel - To Heal - Teal) - Empathy and perspective - 'How do I help people be at their natural best.'

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'Empathy and perspective


We have to practice empathy


..you need to create a safe environment where somebody there's to say: I don't know what I'm doing.

The unsafe culture is: hides, lies and fakes.


Empathy: how they can be their natural best. 'How do I help people be at their natural best.'

Practicing empathy and relate to what they may be going through and it will profoundly change the decisions we make, it will profoundly change the way we see the world.


..start with empathy, change your perspective and play the game you're actually playing.'

- Simon Sinek, Most leaders don't even know the game they are in, November 2, 2016

Context Holacracy – ‘..to fully harness the power of every human sensor..’ - Holacracy Lite

Holistic education - 'One of the most important goals is the development of wisdom'

(Bazaarmodel - To Heal - Teal) - '..this new learning world.' - 'Knowledge not parceled and segmented'

Presentation: Phase I (2012 - 2022) - The Beginning

To create the environment where we learn the Art of Being Human

'..Peace doesn’t demand the absence of strength. It asks each side to see and understand the suffering of the other, whether that suffering is rooted in reality or misperception..'