(Holacracy Lite) - Blinkracy: lighter version of the Holacracy One’s system

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'..Instead of job titles, people take on flexible, ever-changing roles according to their skill sets and the current demands of the company.

Managers in the traditional sense are a thing of the past too. With Holacracy, people are given the independence to pursue their roles in the best way they see fit. After all, who better to decide how to do a job than the person most familiar with it?


A free step-by-step guide to Holacracy Lite

Because our team is small and we didn’t suffer under the weight of years’-worth of bad habits and disappointed expectations, we didn’t need to overhaul our entire organization. Instead, we adapted our own, lighter version of the Holacracy One’s (frankly, pretty great) system.'

- How Light Holacracy Transformed Our Startup, January 20, 2017

Context Holacracy – ‘..to fully harness the power of every human sensor..’

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