(Corporate Rebels) - '..to learn how innovative businesses are changing how people work.'

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'I have been waiting for this book for quite a while. I have been an avid follower of the work of the Rebels on their website (just search for Corporate Rebels and you’ll find it) since it landed on the internet.

The rebel label is an apt one for these guys. They quit their safe, but frustrating, corporate jobs and set out on a learning mission to find out as much as possible about leaders and companies who are making work more fun and fulfilling. What they learned while on this mission is what makes up this book, and while the overt objective is to share the insights they gleaned, you will also find an underlying objective to recruit more rebels interested in removing the misery of so many people in so many workplaces. Consider me recruited because I gobbled this book up quickly.

The book begins with Minnaar and Morree leaving their jobs with trepidation and then, throwing caution to the wind with the support of their parents, trotting the globe to learn how innovative businesses are changing how people work. Some of the strategies they encountered are ambitious and perhaps too revolutionary for some while many are not so grand and can be realistically added to even the most traditional of organizations. The authors make it clear that they are not trying to create some kind of violent overthrow of everything and do not expect people to quit their jobs en masse as a sign of revolt. Rather, they advise people to do what they can from where they are to lead new thinking and new ways of doing business whether that is entire companies or just a small department or team.'

- Neal Woodson, Book Review: Corporate Rebels By Joost Minnaar and Pim De Morree, February 16, 2020


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