(Covid 19)('..Trump .. catastrophic failure.')('Situation in NYC with Covid 19 is unbearable') - The United States faces a catastrophe if it doesn't learn from the New York disaster happening now

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'2 worrisome stories.. Without enough ventilators, NYC doctors now calling next of kin to EXTUBATE (remove breathing tube) of low probability survivors to help save high chance survivors. Oh and begging to transfer patients out of state. #COVID19'

- Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding (Source, March 25, 2020)

'Situation in NYC with #COVID19 #COVID is unbearable; need every kind of support possible 2 not only save patients but also frontline HCWs. the HEROES battling this everyday R desperate 4 solutions. This is screenshot of a txt I just got posted w permission. #MOREPPEs #MOREVENTS'

- Dr. Chadi Nabhan MD, MBA, FACP (Source, March 25, 2020

'Donald Trump and the Republican Party are trying to distract you from their catastrophic failure.'

- New York Times (Source, March 20, 2020)


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