(The Nuremberg Principles)(The Crime of Aggression) - War Criminal - Putin must face war crime charges

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'Given the gravity of the situation, sanctions should be, at the very least, as harsh as those placed on Iran. This should include removing Russia from SWIFT, the global payments network. The fact that this has not already happened – primarily due to Italy, Germany, Hungary and Cyprus – has left Ukrainians gobsmacked.


A now-or-never moment

The world has now entered a new, and perilous, era in its history; a period of sustained contestation between Russia and the West. This makes it more important than ever that Putin, his cronies and people bear the consequences for the brutal assault on the people of Ukraine and the European continent.

..Putin’s aggression against Ukraine will cost Russia dearly..'

- Amanda Paul, Putin must face war crime charges, February 25, 2022

Context Historic activation of the Crime of Aggression, 2017

Putin’s absurd genocide claims cannot hide his war crimes in Ukraine, February 18, 2022

Aggression in International Law

(NATO Eastern Front) - '..increase .. military aid for Ukraine.' - 'Putin had “effectively declared war on the west”.'

(Impose total sanctions on Russia) - '..blocking Russia from access to the U.S. dollar..' - If Russia invades, sanction its oil and gas

(Impose total sanctions on Russia) - Pelosi: Putin is a "tyrant" and his actions are a "total assault on democracy"

'Katz argues that Russia’s threats against democratic Ukraine are only just the beginning..'

(The Sudetenland 1938) - Donetsk and Luhansk - '..you cannot contain Russia by economic sanctions..'

'..cutting off Russia’s access to the international financial settlement system, called SWIFT..'