(To Heal)(Focus Fusion)(Eye Opener)(Abundance) - '..we plan to start the tests with pB11 fuel in September.'

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'After the successful upgrade of the switches, we've decided that the time has come to move forward to experimenting with pB11(hydrogen-boron). On Tuesday, LPPFusion Chief Scientist Eric Lerner announced at the Dense Z-Pinch Conference in Ann Arbor Michigan that we plan to start the tests with pB11 fuel in September. This will be the first time anyone has tested the Focus Fusion approach, which uses pB11 fuel in a dense plasma focus device. The experiments will be the first in a months-long series of tests aiming at net energy before the end of 2025. If successful, such experiments will pave the way for cheap, clean, safe and unlimited energy for the entire world.'

- Dense Z-Pinch Conference, Michigan; pB11 in Sept '23, July 14, 2023

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