‘..individual freedom and responsibility.’

‘[Henry Hazlitt] is primarily an economist, a student of human action. As a result, he is a strong advocate of individual freedom and responsibility. He has long been a close personal friend and associate of Professor Ludwig von Mises, the “dean” of free market economics, to whom he acknowledges a great intellectual indebtedness.’

– Bettina Bien Greaves, The Morals of Human Cooperation, The Freeman, 1973

‘Inflation .. disastrous effects.’

‘Inflation, then, confers no general social benefit; instead, it redistributes the wealth in favor of the first-comers and at the expense of the laggards in the race. And inflation is, in effect, a race—to see who can get the new money earliest. The latecomers—the ones stuck with the loss—are often called the “fixed income groups.” Ministers, teachers, people on salaries, lag notoriously behind other groups in acquiring the new money. Particular sufferers will be those depending on fixed money contracts—contracts made in the days before the inflationary rise in prices. Life insurance beneficiaries and annuitants, retired persons living off pensions, landlords with long term leases, bondholders and other creditors, those holding cash, all will bear the brunt of the inflation..’

– Murray N. Rothbard, ‘Inflation .. disastrous effects.’

‘..on a fixed income..’

‘My husband and I are on a fixed income and with everything going up in price this would be very a very large burden on us as well as most of the citizens of Clinton. Our town is mostly of people like us and this would be such a hardship for us. A 50.8% raise is outrageous on anything. Please do not let this happen. It would mean the difference in bringing buying food and medicine or paying a high water bill to make someone else’s life easier.’

– Dated August 8, 2009 (Source)