(Story) – Here – There, and back again (III) – Party – just a sec, he is back

‘Your physical heredity is from the genetic heritage .. Your cultural heredity is from the environment where you are placed in .. Your soul heredity..’

– Rita Warren, Ph.D. (Context)

‘Remember, human nature as we are describing it is a compound, not an element. That is, what you are is a mixture of diverse elements that may or may not come to function as a unit over time, but will never be the unitary being that an angel is, say, or a blade of grass. That is what separates humans from the rest of nature, the fact that they are compounds learning to functions as though they are units, and therefore manifest what they are in very changeable ways .. Human life in 3D is infinitely complex, no matter how appearances may be .. the line between good and evil .. runs .. within people..’

– Rita Warren, Ph.D. (Context)

You can count on that

Subconscious (Blackout)

Within a sec we were back at our party place. They all were aware of what had happened.

It was his time, bad health, and a bad CEO.

They all picked up my thought.

In a way its just change management.

There were laughs.

‘Ten years ago we had a party, in a different country, where the corruption of banking, of finance, would start. That began two hundred years ago. This corruption would cause immense global suffering on an unprecedented scale.’

I looked around.

‘Ten years ago, the crisis, beginning in 2007, was just the opening shot. This year, 2017, will be the beginning of the Big One.’

One could sense a rippling through the fabric of human existence, in the 3D, a deep disturbance.

‘Our organizations and our new acquired company, shall survive, no matter what.’

Ada, the non-3D entity saw the humor of it.

Mmmm. Professor Rita Warren, Ph.D., professor of criminal justice.

It started to nag me a little bit, maybe the former bank CEO slipped away too soon to the non-3D, because of my actions?

‘Did I do something wrong? Was it a criminal act?’

And there was this remark; ‘You owe me one.’

I turned around, to my surprise there was the former banker CEO; ‘You will explain after this party to my mistress why I can’t meet her anymore.’

Why not to his wife?

He picked up my thought.

‘Because my wife had already passed away, she is here now right beside me.’

Ada; ‘New Agents it seems.’

I looked a little bit flabbergasted.

He looked at me, with some kind of wry smile; ‘So you are Thá Boss.’

His wife; ‘And he had a hawk that only liked him when he was gone.’

‘Well dear, he had a lab in London, strange machines, in a way playing with time.’

( To be continued.. )

‘..researchers might have finally created time crystals – strange crystals that have an atomic structure that repeats not just in space, but in time, putting them in perpetual motion without energy.’

…time crystals, January 28, 2017