‘Leaders are only leaders if someone wants to actually follow them.’ – Terri Kelly (Source, Lecture) «esprit incarné» – ‘..It is impermissible to separate the “mental” or “spiritual” from the “material.”‘ ‘..psychology can never demonstrate the validity of a praxeological theorem. It may show that some people or many people let themselves be influenced by

(Story) – Here – There, and back again (VII) – Party – Love Always Love (L’Amour Toujours)

‘Remarkably, however, when valuations actually reach those obscene bubble extremes, investors seem to assume that the bubble valuations will persist indefinitely, and will never, ever, revisit their historical norms again..’ – John P. Hussman, Ph.D. (‘..its the debt..’, September 18, 2017) This was the second day of our party, but only one second on earth

(Story) – Here – There, and back again (VI) – Party – The Self, the Mind – Still dancing

‘The 2008/09 financial crisis should have concluded an incredible era of dangerous risk misperceptions and flawed calculations. But the Federal Reserve and global central bankers Doubled-Down. Instead of the markets reverting back to more traditional (stable) views of risk, massive QE liquidity injections, zero rates and aggressive market liquidity backstops pushed risk analysis and perceptions

(Story) – Here – There, and back again (I)

All the inner fears just let ’em go Now you have the feeling movin’ through you nice and slow You never had before but now you know – Falling ‘..Often the individual is left with a sense that there is a mission in their life they need to accomplish..’ – Dr. Penny Sartori, The Wisdom

‘a storm wrecked beach’ – Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler

‘The Age of Social Catastrophe.’ ‘The Germans made Lenin, and Lenin made Hitler .. the Germans made Lenin, because they ferried him and his compères from Zürich to Petrograd in 1917, as a way to cause a Revolution and end the war [o]n the Western Front. Bolshevik barbarism, begun by Lenin and ably furthered by