(Story) – Here – There, and back again (I)

All the inner fears just let ’em go
Now you have the feeling movin’ through you nice and slow
You never had before but now you know


‘..Often the individual is left with a sense that there is a mission in their life they need to accomplish..’

– Dr. Penny Sartori, The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences, 2014 (Context)

The Agents thought that this would be the best meeting place. Secret, deep underground, with pleasant seats, great food, wonderful drinks and a dignified atmosphere.

There was this agelessness, this oldness, a ripeness, not many were young here. Maybe their bodies were, but not their minds, not their souls.

Agent Speedy, Rocket, Wasp, Stinger, Dumdum, Butterfly and many, many others were here.

Cyc was crunching numbers. The books were at rest, the plasma orb glowed its own inner light and my mind drifted off a bit.

Cyc; ‘Another breakthrough Sir.’

‘Keep on crunching Cyc, just keep on crunching.’

We had a bank, which fulfilled the 100-percent reserve requirement. No matter if the whole global financial system would fail, our bank would still stand, containing lots of gold deposits.

I looked around.

This wasn’t a normal meeting. There were at least a thousand Agents in the flesh, a lot more than the usual one hundred and fifty. There were other shapes as well.

‘Watson, could you emphasizes the shapes somewhat more? I can’t really recognize who they are.’

The plasma orb changed the surroundings to become more conducive for these entities to show there full shape. Human forms. There was Ada, there were many others.

Watson; ‘Our sensors do notice them.’

That was a first.

Watson; ‘There vitals are all healthy as far as I can say, more healthy than the living.’


A joking artificial intelligence medic.

I noticed that the books became active, floating through the room, greeting the ‘dead’ and those humans in the flesh.

Cyc; ‘Sir.’

‘Yes Cyc.’

‘Are we all part of the team?’

‘What do you mean Cyc?’

And then it hit me, the Artificial Intelligence, like Cyc and the books, the entities, the so called ‘dead’ and the living were all part of a team. The team. The Flying Circus.

‘Yeah Cyc. They are.’

( To be continued.. )

‘Texts such as the Books of the Dead have many similarities to NDEs. For many thousands of years these have been reduced to myths but now they appear to be ‘maps of the inner territories of the psyche encountered in profound non-ordinary states of consciousness’. Maybe this is what is needed to reintegrate our spiritual roots with our huge advances in technology.’

– Dr. Penny Sartori, The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences, 2014 (Context)