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'This example of timeless learning had an impact on the intellect, the body, emotions, and spirit.'

'As a teacher, I have become more aware of my students and their feelings in the class. Instead of rushing through the day’s events, I take the time to enjoy our day’s experiences and opportune moments. The students have commented that I seem happier. I do tend to laugh more and I think it is because I am more aware, alert and “present,” instead of thinking about what I still need to do (Miller, 1995, p. 22).

Let’s turn now to the examining the characteristics of timeless learning.


Timeless learning is multidimensional and includes a variety of characteristics. Although a specific experience of timeless learning would not necessarily include all of the characteristics outlined below, these characteristics are the most often linked with the learning experiences described in this book.


Timeless learning is not limited to the intellect; it also is connected to the emotions, the body, and soul/spirit. Soul/spirit is defined here as a vital, mysterious energy that can give meaning and purpose to our lives. Timeless learning recognizes that all these elements are linked interdependently. For example, if I have an insight or idea, it can quicken the heartbeat which again affects the rhythms in the body. One description of timeless learning comes from a student who describes his experience in meditation:

The session began with many thoughts and physical sensations, which quickly settled down and although they didn’t totally disappear, were not much in my awareness afterward. It was a very quiet and uneventful meditation with the mantra barely present. In fact, there was not much present at all except the awareness of myself just being there. This continued until towards the end of the session when I began to have certain feelings or knowledge; it’s hard to explain how the two combine into one. It’s like you know something with every cell of your body, to the point that you actually feel it everywhere… I was keenly aware that I was part of all that was around me. There was no distinction between my inner self, my body, and my surroundings. This awareness extended out so that I felt a part of all that there is. As I read what I’m writing, the words sound grandiose, whereas the experience was very simple. However, it was also profound, peaceful and fulfilling at all levels; physical, intellectual, and spiritual. (Miller, 1994, p. 130)

This example of timeless learning had an impact on the intellect, the body, emotions, and spirit.

Timeless learning also is integrative in that it tends to link the different parts of ourselves. Too often we compartmentalize learning into different aspects such as the intellect and the physical and they are left separate. In timeless learning they are seen as connected.


Timeless learning does not just remain in the head; it becomes embodied. This aspect is related to the integration just described in that the person begins to live what is learned. What many people find so inspiring about Gandhi and Martin Luther King is the way they embodied their own teachings. They were living examples of nonviolent action and protest.'

- John P. Miller, Educating for Wisdom and Compassion (pp. 4-6). SAGE Publications. Kindle Edition.

'The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model is the next evolution of the traditional coordinated school health approach.'

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''The body, the mind and the soul


One of the most important goals is the development of wisdom.

Wisdom, to see deeply into the nature of things.


To feel at home in their body

Awareness to the body connected to the spirit and the soul, the inner life of the child (their dreams and their hopes, and their imagination).'

- Jack Miller (Holistic education - 'One of the most important goals is the development of wisdom')


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