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(Electric Universe - SAFIRE - 2019) - 'All the evidence to date points to electricity as the primal force in nature.'

109/23/2019 05:15PM
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CNN - The US Navy just confirmed these UFO videos are the real deal

109/19/2019 09:16AM
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Hayek Was Right, Keynes Was Not An Economist - '..Keynes ducks entirely the role of bank credit in inflating the money-quantity..'

109/13/2019 09:22AM
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(Focus Fuson) - '..our fusion device, FF-2B, has met our initial goal of achieving low-impurity plasma.'

108/23/2019 06:58PM
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(Business Roundtable) - '..corporate responsibility .. the best-run companies do more. They put the customer first and invest in their employees and communities .. to build long-term value..'

108/20/2019 05:50PM
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'Putin's Skyfall cruise missile .. a flying Chernobyl.'

108/18/2019 10:28AM
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'..closing China off from access to the things that pave its way to power.'

108/17/2019 03:33PM
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(Banking Reform) - '..dynamic efficiency .. creativity and coordination driven by human beings’ entrepreneurship.'

108/14/2019 07:05PM
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Healing the earth through biodynamic farming - SEKEM

108/06/2019 05:09PM
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'Ethiopia has planted more than 200 million trees in a day..'

107/29/2019 05:40PM
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FBI - Violent Crimes Against Children International Task Force - Billionaire Epstein, Charged With Sex-Trafficking Teen Girls

107/09/2019 08:41PM
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