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(Bazaarmodel)(Teal) - Why Holacracy Differentiates Role and Soul

102/07/2023 05:59PM
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(Project C - Phase II 2022 - 2032) - Eye Opener, To Heal in The Electric Universe

112/16/2022 04:46PM
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Cancer breakthrough is a ‘wake-up’ call on danger of air pollution

109/14/2022 07:10AM
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(Electric Universe)(Plasma Cosmology)(LPPFusion) - 'In response to the ongoing censorship in cosmology .. challenging them to an open, public, online debate..'

107/18/2022 06:51PM
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(WHO air quality)(2021-2030) - '..by 2030 .. a complete ban on wood burning would be necessary, as would less livestock farming and less air traffic.'

107/12/2022 04:10AM
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(Sustainable Agriculture)(Plasma Agriculture)(Global Healing 2020 - 2050) - 'Plasma activated water has many applications for agriculture .. fertilization, seed treatment, plant health, and pH controller.' (Sustainable alternative for chemical pesticides)

106/23/2022 07:47AM
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(Electric Universe)(Focus Fusion) - '..break the fossil fuel monopoly. Fusion energy, especially Focus Fusion, can do this..'

106/22/2022 08:34AM
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(SunGlacier)(Global Healing 2020 - 2050) - How is it possible to create water in the desert without external energy sources or water?

106/22/2022 08:13AM
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(Harvard)(Tuft)(To Heal)(Teal)(Cure cancer)(Regeneration)(Bioelectrics) - '..the genetics doesn't matter, what matters is that you get the voltage right.'

106/19/2022 06:13PM
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(Banking Reform) - 'Disaster is a strong but appropriate word that applies perfectly to the state of U.S. monetary policy..' - Dr. Hunt

105/29/2022 07:34AM
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(Gallup)(To Heal)(Haptopraxeology)(Teal) - 'What if the next global crisis is a[n] [affective-]mental health pandemic? It is here now.'

104/12/2022 08:16AM
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