Classic (Original) Introduction - Bazaarmodel

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Since we live in a world with 7.9 billion human beings. We see (intellectual) frameworks, let it be nation states, finance, calculus or material resources, being stretched to the limit, and many of them are at breaking point, or already snapping. Not being fit for current day stresses, for our current day planetary civilization.

If we aren’t prepared for today, what about tomorrow?

Project C strives for structures that will serve our species so we will be able to tackle near term and future stresses. It strives to create a surrounding which is humane. Project C - Matter Data Energy will lay the foundation for the necessary upgrade of our global production, data and energy infrastructure which will unburden our planet.

This kind of modernization brings us closer of becoming a spacefaring civilization. With all the new possibilities and wonders that it entails. A civilization with a more organic management and organisation which reflects a new kind of architecture; buildings and structures weaved into the fabric of our natural earthly environment. A humane environment.

- Planetary Status