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Holacracy – ‘ fully harness the power of every human sensor..’

‘A good constitution is infinitely better than the best despot.’ – Thomas Babington Macaulay, Milton ‘..I tried to be the best leader I could—to empower people and be sensitive to their needs and issues, to develop myself, to be a more conscious “servant leader”—yet despite my best efforts, I kept running into an invisible barrier. The

(Story) – ‘..the miracle of living’ – Creation

In this world we’re just beginning To understand the miracle of living Baby, I was afraid before But I’m not afraid anymore Belinda Carlisle – Heaven Is a Place on Earth Cyc, could you run some simulation concerning the atom lasers? Cyc; ‘Yes Sir.’ ‘Alright, now, lets see: one plastic duck, one chocolate bar, one

Holistic Learning – Wisdom

“In Buddhism they have a phrase that I read to my students almost every class. ‘The thought manifests the word. The word manifests the deed. The deed develops into habit. And the habit hardens into character. So watch the thought and its ways with care and let it be born out of love and respect

(Story) – ‘..there will be globally, no more energy poverty..’

It was very nice to read the title LPPFusion achieves minimum goal of $400 K. Cyc; ‘Sir, great change is coming.’ ‘Cyc,’ I said, ‘The 2020 – 2050 period will see the greatest change ever in the history of mankind.’ I had this thought; After 2030, there will be globally, no more energy poverty. And that


‘Leaders are only leaders if someone wants to actually follow them.’ – Terri Kelly (Source, Lecture) «esprit incarné» – ‘..It is impermissible to separate the “mental” or “spiritual” from the “material.”‘ ‘..psychology can never demonstrate the validity of a praxeological theorem. It may show that some people or many people let themselves be influenced by

(Story) – Here – There, and back again (I)

All the inner fears just let ’em go Now you have the feeling movin’ through you nice and slow You never had before but now you know – Falling ‘..Often the individual is left with a sense that there is a mission in their life they need to accomplish..’ – Dr. Penny Sartori, The Wisdom

Story – Raven I

‘..exchanges the status quo for an environment that he hopes will be more pleasant.’ – Robert P. Murphy, Lessons for the Young Economist, page 6 (Context) ‘The new trend which is introduced by the rise of plasma physics and space research is to some extent opposite. In these fields quantum mechanics and the theory of