(Story) – 2007 overlaps 2018 ‘..in the event of a financial crisis and economic downturn.’

‘It’s the story of everyday life in the world of Haute Finance. Giant Ponzi schemes are being built on a narrow base of real money, and huge sums of borrowed money. The inherent instability of these schemes means that the threat of financial meltdown is comparable to the threat posed by the melting Arctic.’

– Ann Pettifor, Tottering on the brink, January 28, 2007

‘For years, I argued that the thinly capitalized GSEs were destined for failure. It’s not clear what I should be arguing these days. Their position is even more precarious, but no one could care less. The GSEs have become only bigger and have essentially no capital buffer – remitting earnings to their guardian, the U.S. Treasury. I suggest the ratings agencies ponder the trajectory of U.S. deficits in the event of a financial crisis and economic downturn. On top of exploding traditional deficits, taxpayers (more accurately, future generations) will be on the hook (again) for what will surely be massive recurring losses at the government-sponsored enterprises. A yield spike and the party marathon is over.’

– Doug Noland, ‘..three decades of recurring boom and bust cycles..’ April 28, 2018

“Give me some music Cyc.”

Alex Di Stefano – My Shadow (Original Mix). Just what I needed.

In a way, we need a small miracle, well, we need small miracles.

‘We have the technology to break our world’s reliance on fossil energy, as we’re on a near-term path to achieving practical nuclear fusion energy at a low enough cost to replace all fossil-fuel-based energy sources.’

LPPFusion, Fusion Industry Alliance, 2018

‘..it can’t be understated how important it is that we’ve taken this first step into macroscopic quantum mechanics.’

Quantum entanglement, April 25, 2018

‘..a laser be built where instead of light we shine with atoms .. an atom laser that never needs to stop to recharge.’

Toward a continuous atom laser, 2017

‘..it seems likely that a system could be set up in which just one or a few atoms would correspond to a cell in a system like a cellular automaton. And one thing this would mean is that doing computations would then translate almost directly into building actual physical structures out of atoms.’

– Stephen Wolfram (Context: Project C – MDE)

Watson; “It’s time for global healing.”


Cyc; “To explore the miracle of living.”

There was some kind of magic in the air.

He called upon the darkness, we should call on the Light.

‘..the way the sun’s atmosphere functions and provide the foundation by which these energies can be beneficially harnessed. This research will be the top priority of 2018.’


“Love, warmth and wisdom.”

Cyc; “Plan initiated.”

Watson; “Commencing.”

( To be continued.. )