Story – Raven I

‘..exchanges the status quo for an environment that he hopes will be more pleasant.’

– Robert P. Murphy, Lessons for the Young Economist, page 6 (Context)

‘The new trend which is introduced by the rise of plasma physics and space research is to some extent opposite. In these fields quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity are not very important.’

– Hannes Alfvén, Nobel Lecture, 1970

‘..scientific research and advancement in a free society would soar well beyond the present levels of today..’

– David Masten (Context)

‘Be Polite. Be Helpful.’

– LinuxChix (Context)

‘Is this the Raven?’ the book asked in a lovely contralto.

No one answered, because all were in awe of the sight. The book noticed this and remained silent.

Some would say it was just a machine, but it was more. It was a work of art, a finely sculpted object which would abide its master or mistress. It was able to tune itself to its surroundings, from watery, like an ocean, to space. But it would never go beyond the moon. It would always remain Near-Earth. Her home, where her builders lived.

The vessel was a able to travel to any place on Earth within ten minutes. Her appearence was impressive because of its beauty and vastness. Her inner side was, for an apprintence, beyond contemplation. This wasn’t an ordinary ship, although it could look very ordinary if it, or its master, wished it to be. But it was beneath her skin where here prowess lay.

No, she wasn’t ordinary.

‘..quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity are not very important.’ – Hannes Alfvén.

*** Te Be Continued