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Here - There, and back again (III) - Party - just a sec, he is back

‘Your physical heredity is from the genetic heritage .. Your cultural heredity is from the environment where you are placed in .. Your soul heredity..’

- Rita Warren, Ph.D. (Context)

Here - There, and back again (II) - Gotta tear the ground

Bring Sally up and bring Sally down
Lift and squat, gotta tear the ground

Old miss Lucy’s dead and gone
Left me here to weep and moan

Bring Sally up and bring Sally down
Lift and squat, gotta tear the ground


You keep playin’ where you shouldn’t be playin’
And you keep thinkin’ that you’ll never get burned, ha!

Here - There, and back again (I)

All the inner fears just let ‘em go
Now you have the feeling movin’ through you nice and slow
You never had before but now you know

- Falling

‘..Often the individual is left with a sense that there is a mission in their life they need to accomplish..’

(Story) - The Self (8) - Together

‘It has often proved true that the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.’

- Robert Goddard, On Taking Things for Granted, 1904.

Show them who you wanna be
Go wake them up and make them see

Happy generation

Thought interaction with ‘machines’. Intelligent machines.

(Story) - The Self (7) - ‘..the book that I have opened..’

You’re the book that I have opened
And now I’ve got to know much more

- Unfinished Sympathy

Technology. A deep mind. It dawned to me during the walks that the Artificial Intelligences were changed by Ada and I should consider the Orb being intelligent now. These intelligences were always present. Always at my service, monitoring me, noticing me.