(Story) – Opening the gates to the Garden of Eden

‘The essential message is, stop focusing on self and start thinking about service to others.’

– Barbara (daughter of Jack Bogle)

Near future Cyc, near future.

Mind communication with Cyc was immersive.

The 2019-2040 time period please.

All the time probes were actived, some where in the past, other in possible futures. Cyc, being in the present, was the coordinator of the probes.

Optimum time line, please.

Cyc; ‘Commercial fusion reactors within fifteen years.’

2030 Would be great.

Cyc; ‘Acknowledged.’

( To be continued.. )

‘..on the track to our goal of getting more energy out of the device than we put into it—net energy.’

(Focus Fusion) – ‘..in the fall or beyond, we will start introducing our experiments with hydrogen-boron, pB11 fuel.’ December 24, 2018