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'..make 2024 a year that Ukraine can use not just to hold on, but also to prepare to win the war.'

104/21/2024 01:54PM
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(Global Stagflation)(1970s-style stagflation) - Inflation: Grocery prices reaccelerate

104/14/2024 08:29PM
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(Netanyahu is fully responsible)(International Criminal Court) - Netanyahu's "politics of fear."

104/14/2024 06:39PM
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(Extremism) - '..Israel's intention - to force Iran out of its comfort zone of relying on regional proxies to challenge Israeli and US interests in the region.'

104/14/2024 05:32PM
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(Ukraine must win) - '..Russia can be defeated if Ukraine is armed properly.'

104/14/2024 04:35PM
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(Sticky Inflation)(Inflation getting entrenched)(Interest rates _way_ too low) - '..relearning the painful inflation lessons of the 1970s'

104/14/2024 04:24PM
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(The Russian energy sector is a military target)(US is unreliable) - Putin’s Achilles Heel

104/11/2024 09:27AM
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([US] aid to Ukraine is dead) - '..European states need to plan on supporting Ukraine on their own—the US cannot be relied upon..'

104/07/2024 09:47AM
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'Russia is trying to sabotage European railways..' - FT

104/05/2024 09:23PM
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'..help reinvigorate Turkey’s application to enter the European Union..'

104/03/2024 07:26PM
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(Havana Syndrome)(Russian hybrid warfare)(US weakness) - '..Moscow has committed an act of war against the United States..'

104/01/2024 07:43PM
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