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'..Moscow and Beijing are single-minded in their identification of democracy as a threat to their oppressive regimes..'

110/18/2018 12:10PM
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'..No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act, which would end sovereign immunity shielding OPEC members from U.S. legal action.'

110/14/2018 05:18PM
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'..H[igh] Y[ield] is a great leading indicator for equities and recessions.'

110/13/2018 06:00PM
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'..disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi .. change the ability of any of us in the West to do business with the Saudi Government.' - Richard Branson

110/13/2018 11:01AM
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'..accelerate carbon emissions cuts..' - '..landmark climate change ruling'

110/11/2018 09:59AM
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The Elders demand urgent action to meet 1.5 degrees target and avert climate disaster

110/08/2018 03:03PM
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'I have posited that the global Bubble has been pierced at the "Periphery,"..'

110/06/2018 03:33PM
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'The [UN] report ought to be a wake-up call against the extremely counterproductive policies of central banks.'

110/05/2018 05:58PM
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'Russia heading for the apocalypse? I think not' - Mark Galeotti

110/05/2018 05:27PM
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'When the next recession arrives, they’re not going to know what hit them.'

110/05/2018 11:02AM
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'A global crisis in the current backdrop would make 2008 seem like a walk in the park.'

110/05/2018 10:35AM
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