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'..world’s first commercial optical processing system .. Optalysys develops Optical Co-processing technology .. the new paradigm of computing.

103/07/2019 09:33PM
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'..The risk is rising that the U.S. will not only return to zero short rates but, as they have in Japan..'

102/26/2019 09:10PM
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'..tree planting is increasingly being recognised as a critical activity to preserve life on Earth.'

102/20/2019 08:17PM
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'..global Credit Bubbles have become highly synchronized..'

102/16/2019 01:00PM
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'..Ill-advised central banking has ceded a historic global market Bubble additional rope..'

102/09/2019 05:41PM
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'If Xi and Trump were no longer in power..'

101/26/2019 03:22PM
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'..effective counter-intelligence services, proper oversight over the flow of funds and serious policing of corruption at home, media awareness for a new generation of citizens .. to increase the effectiveness .. of existing political structures.'

101/23/2019 09:44PM
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'..the emerging "Global Magnitsky" regime..'

101/23/2019 08:41PM
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'..what should the West demand from Ukraine in 2019?' - Valerii Pekar

101/23/2019 08:15PM
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'..At present, the most realistic scenario for Russia is long-term stagnation.' - Maria Domanska

101/23/2019 08:06PM
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'..fossil fuels lose their grip on the global energy system.'

101/22/2019 09:46PM
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