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(Sticky inflation)(Severe impact of inflation)(Food price inflation) - 'Underlying US inflation is seen rising at a monthly pace..'

110/08/2023 05:56PM
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"Germany must take the lead to help Ukraine and ease the US’ burden of help." - Roderich Kiesewetter, German Parliament member of the CDU

110/08/2023 09:31AM
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(Ukraine needs ATACMs) - '..The more that Western allies prioritize long-range weapons, the more Ukraine can wear down Russian resistance..'

110/07/2023 03:23PM
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(Ukraine needs ATACMs) - 'Ukraine needs to largest number of effective ranged systems that we can give it..'

110/01/2023 05:52PM
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(Ukraine needs ATACMs) - '..the Ukrainian campaign for Crimea.'

109/23/2023 02:17PM
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(Ukraine needs ATACMs) - '..If the United States can finally provide the weaponry to really force a showdown in Crimea..'

109/19/2023 07:28AM
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'Putin .. almost certainly is the worst ruler imaginable.'

109/18/2023 07:00AM
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'Dear President Biden: We write to urge you immediately send ATACMS..' - Senator Tom Cotton

109/16/2023 07:49PM
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'..the weather in the Autumn wont make the kind of difference in the Ukrainian counteroffensive..'

109/12/2023 05:40PM
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(Ukraine needs ATACMs) - '..if Putin continues to attack civilians .. incrementally remove restrictions..'

109/09/2023 09:53AM
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'..Canada wants to ramp up its role in anti-corruption projects in Ukraine..'

109/08/2023 06:38AM
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