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'Consciousness fundamental, all the way down. (10:08)

'Bioelectric networks are really good at processing information. (7:42)'

- Michael Levin (Source, January 10, 2022)

*** 'The first thing is planaria are immortal .. these theories of thermodynamic limitations on lifespan are wrong. It's not that well over time of everything degrades.'

'I think planaria hold the answer to pretty much every deep question of life. For one thing, they're similar to our ancestors, they have true symmetry, they have a true brain .. they've lots of different internal organs .. and planaria are immortal. They do not age, there is no such thing as an old planarian, so that right there tells you that these theories of thermodynamic limitations on lifespan are wrong. It's not that well over time of everything degrades. No, [one] planaria can keep it going for [for at least another 400 million years].'

- Michael Levin, (Source, October 1, 2022)

'The universe is built up out of mainly plasma vortex filaments (46:41)

The second law of thermodynamics is not very well understood by most physicists .. the phenomena of life. Life seems to move away from equilibrium. If a living thing moves towards equilibrium we call it dead. (1:54:55)

The definition of entropy depends on the system. (1:57:31)'

- Eric Lerner, The Big Bang Never Happened: From a Dark Universe to a Bright Tomorrow, September 21, 2021

*** '[..Much deeper ethics] .. we are just at the beginning of a lot of really important things.'

'Understanding unconventional cognition (Fridman)(1:42:15)

..Cellular automata (Fridman)(1:44:34)

..The embodied intelligence of the organs and tissues such that we can achieve a radically different regenerative medicine .. end goal: an anatomical compiler (2:13:58)

..Manipulating the goals of collective intelligences of cells specifically for regenerative medicine (2:16:06)

..A reconsideration of how we formulate ethical norms (2:16:16)

..[Much deeper ethics] (2:16:58)

..that whole thing is on for 24 hours, you take it off [and] you don't touch the leg again .. [after that there is] 18 months of leg growth without us touching it again and after 18 months you get a pretty good leg. (2:23:32)

[What is cancer] .. to artificially control the bioelectric state .. the bioelectric state dominate(s) what the genetic state is .. our approach is in a way more fundamental because if you can keep the cells harnessed towards organ level goals, as opposed to individual cell goals, then nobody will be making a tumor or metastasizing and so on.. (2:24:21)

Free will (2:51:50)

Non-corporeal soul, great, we will study that.. (2:54:00)

We are now in a position to do better.. (2:55:52)

The science of today .. overall I think we know very little .. we are just at the beginning of a lot of really important things. (2:57:23)

Exploring our own mind and our own consciousness is very important much of it is not captured by what currently is third person science for sure. (2:58:29)'

- Michael Levin (Source, October 1, 2022)

'...scientia, correct knowledge...'

'Science, after all, means scientia, correct knowledge; it is older and wiser than the positivist-pragmatist attempt to monopolize the term.

Surveying the attributes of the proper science of man as against scientism, one finds a shining, clear theory separating one from the other. The true science of man bases itself upon the existence of individual human beings, upon individual life and consciousness.'

- Murray N. Rothbard, The Mantle of Science

Context '..ethics in particular .. absolute principle of ethics..' - '..deze fundamentele ethiek..'

(Haptopraxeology - Electric Universe - Teal - Bazaarmodel) - Educating for Wisdom and Compassion: Creating Conditions for Timeless Learning

(Harvard)(Tuft)(To Heal)(Teal)(Cure cancer)(Regeneration)(Bioelectrics) - '..the genetics doesn't matter, what matters is that you get the voltage right.'

Open Source Medication) - To Heal - '..energy is critical to an understanding of how your cells work.'

(Sustainable Agriculture)(Plasma Agriculture)(Global Healing 2020 - 2050) - 'Plasma activated water has many applications for agriculture .. fertilization, seed treatment, plant health, and pH controller.' (Sustainable alternative for chemical pesticides)

(Irreducible Mind: Toward a Psychology for the 21st Century) - '..the materialistic consensus which undergirds practically all of current mainstream psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy of mind is fundamentally flawed..'

Learning - Spontaneous, Complexity, Electricity - The Unique Individual

Presentation: Phase I (2012 - 2022) - The Beginning

In The Electric Universe a Future of Peace and Love