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“Research has now established that we begin to communicate with other humans before we are born. It is called haptonomy. Haptonomy is the scientific study of our ability to communicate at a deep, deep level. But unlike talking, haptonomic communication combines words, thoughts, and feelings. It has been described as “a combination of listening and feeling”, “spontaneous empathy”, “psychotactile contact”, or “the science of affectivity”. But whatever the name, it is a special sort of relating—one human being to another. Dr. Ludvig Janus is a clinical/developmental psychologist in Heidelberg, Germany.”
— Dr. Stephen Juan (,5369 )

‘The dimension of feeling..’ – ‘The Myth of Efficiency’

‘Thus we can note – and not without cause to worry – that for decades now we have been able to talk about an effective conscious world” which dominates an affective conscious world” in such a way that the affective life is strongly curbed if not repressed and this in an ever increasing way: in this “world of effectivity” pragmatism and intellectual rationalism reign. There is no room for feelings, emotions: for affectivity. The dimension of feeling — and all that concerns the affective life — is considered as lacking in interest and therefore has no place in this world, as it is of no economic or political value. This dimension would only disturb, in a awkward way, the economic processes of development and production.’

‘..where we learn the Art of Being Human’

(2Grid) To create the environment where we learn the Art of Being Human in our electrical environment in an affective open ambiance of intuitive theoretical concreteness under praxeological law (of cause and effect in human affairs. [1])