‘..life, liberty, and progress .. cultivating peace.’

‘..life, liberty, and progress .. away from death and despotism.’

‘Truth is certainly a branch of morality and a very important one to society.’

– Thomas Jefferson

‘..Electric currents in space plasma can provide a new understanding of the Sun.’

‘Attempts to find a plausible naturalistic explanation of the origin of the solar system began about 350 years ago, but have not been quantitatively succesful, making this one of the oldest unsolved problems in modern science.’

– Stephen Brush, A History of Modern Planetary Physics (Source)

The Light of Affectivity, Tower of Dreams – Human Action – Touch & Information

‘..avoiding occasions of expense by cultivating peace.’

– George Washington, Farewell Address

There is no death (but choice, experiences and creation)

‘The School of Salamanca reformulated the concept of natural law: law originating in nature itself, with all that exists in the natural order sharing in this law. Their conclusion was, given that all humans share the same nature, they also share the same rights to life and liberty. Such views constituted a novelty in European thought and went counter to those then predominant in Spain and Europe that people indigenous to the Americas had no such rights.

Gabriel Vázquez (1549—1604) held that natural law is not limited to the individual, but obliges societies to act in accord and be treated with justice.’

School of Salamanca (Past & Present..)