Story (possibility) – A strange electric ‘car’

It looked like a car.

It smelled like a car.

It had all the technology of an electric car. It could drive for at least 1,000 miles (1.609 kilometers.)

Except, it didn’t have any tires, nor steering wheel.

The women who designed this vehicle where perfectly aware of Electric Currents Key to Magnetic Phenomena [1]. They didn’t ignore electricity, far from it, they harnessed it.

That is why the outside of the car felt strangely, like a skin.

As Lisa explained to me; ‘The skins holds a watery liquid, it is soft now, but it could harden in a nanosecond.’

One of the two sisters (yes the Horrors) told me; ‘The skin guides a current which makes the car smooth to travel through the air, water and through space.’

The other sister informed me; ‘When the skin is electrically charged it harder than the hardest material known to Man.’

I was impressed.

Agent VK already had a name for this not so ordinary electric “car”; she had named it Very Little Raven (VLR).

This Very Little Raven could transport four individuals.

But, as one visitor remarked; ‘It doesn’t have any wheels!’

The women laughed, hopped in the car, and I took a couple of steps backwards.

Agent VK commanded the Very Little Raven; ‘Start.’

VLR rose and floated a couple of centimeters above the ground.

Lisa told Cyc, which was the intelligence of the VLR, where they wanted to go and the vehicle rose higher and higher and sped very fast towards its destination.

The visitor was somewhat baffled, while I was enormously proud of what they had accomplished.

The visitor; ‘What were they doing?’

But I just beamed, I was so proud.

‘They are starting to build my spaceship,’ I replied enthusiastically.

Although.. it would become Agent VK’s spaceship and Lisa would sometimes take it for a ride and the Sisters would travel with it too.



[1] Electric Currents Key to Magnetic Phenomena (pdf)

The Electric Universe – Peer-review of Plasma Cosmology (2011)

The Electric Sun is increasingly vindicated with each new piece of data NASA releases. – Prof. Donald E. Scott


New Audi A2 electric car sets long-distance record, 2010-26-10