Story (possibility) – ‘Open Source Ecology’ – Little Raven

Open Source Ecology is a movement for creating the open source economy. The means is creating distributive enterprise based on open source design of products and services .. a startup entrepreneur .. that will take the project into a higher gear. That is how I started..’

– Marcin (Context, 2011)

‘A Child of the Wind of Change.’

That’s what the book spoke in a lovely contralto. While Lisa was in a contemplative mood. Her book was besides her. It was her old trusted tutor and guide. It made her think; to question. It also had shown her the people she could meet, whom could awake her latent talents.

The book was also contemplative, reflecting upon The Essential Guide to the Electric Universe by Bob Johnson & Jim Johnson.

Lisa herself was in a vessel just hovering above the water, while near her, a candle flame showed her certain electrical currents. Lisa had mastered the art of electricity on Earth so well that she wasn’t in any danger. The force was gently under her spell and the vessel named Little Raven was under her command.

*** Te Be Continued